Apr. 1 ~ Imperial Blonde Ale Release

Apr. 4 ~ GC Brewers Beer Release
White IPA

Apr. 5 ~ GC Brewers Club  Demo
Club meeting @ 11am
Brewing Demo begins @ 12pm
FWB North Production facility:
1370 N. Long Lake Road, Fenton

Apr. 6 ~ Art of Craft Beer Tasting
Suzanne Haskews Art Center, Milford 5-7:30pm 

Apr. 7 ~ Zumba with Jamie
6-8pm ~ Call FWB for details
Located @ FWB North : 1370 N. Long Lake Road

Apr. 14 ~ Zumba with Jamie

Apr. 17 ~ Painting Party ~ 6pm
Reservations at



Orange Label White (Sauvignon Blanc)
Classic, semi-dry wine that has an herbaceous nose & subtle hints of lavender.  Excellent
with seafood & well seasoned poultry dishes.

Seven Lakes White (Chardonnay)
Fresh, well-balanced with tropical citrus aromas and flavors.  Undimmed by oak, the fruit quality of the grape comes through and the rich, round mouth feel lingers to a long, crisp finish.

Celebrate (Viognier)
Full-bodied & highly aromatic, this fruit-forward wine boasts great floral notes.  Layers of flavor linger on the palate.  Pairs well with spicy foods.

Gazebo White (Riesling)
Light, semi-sweet wine that features a delicate, fruity aroma and a fresh, crisp finish.  A versatile wine that pairs well with an array of dishes.

Moonlight (Moscato)
Light-bodied, sweet white wine that has a refreshing taste.

Lotus Blossom (White Merlot)
This delightful blush captures the rich aroma of the Merlot grape.  A blend that finishes slightly sweet, light & refreshing.  A perfect Rosé when served chilled.


Holly Nouveau (Bergamais)
A light-bodied red wine that is served young to allow more of the fruitinessof the Bergamais grape to come out.  An easy drinking wine the doesn't display any of the tannic characters of fuller bodied reds.
Fenton Red (Merlot)
Medum-bodied red wine boasting a fruity flavor & velvety soft finish.  A perfect sipping red.

Summit Red (Pinot Noir)
Known for its fruit & berry notes, this medium-bodied red is rich & surprisingly smooth.  Pairs well wih sweeter, lightly seasoned dishes.

Orange Label Red (Cabernet Zinfandel)
Smooth and rich with qualities of a robust Cabernet rounded by the slightly spicy characteristics of the Red Zinfandel grape.


1545 North (Barolo)
An Italian favorite made from the Nebbiolo grape.  This barrel aged version is aromoatic & delicious with light tannin undertones.

Crimson Vine (Shiraz)
Medium-bodied, spicy on the palate & robust.  Notes of warm berries & black pepper.


Breeze (Pomegranate Riesling)
Semi-sweet Riesling blended with tart pomegranates.

Solo (Blackberry Merlot)
This is by far our best seller!  A velvety soft, medium-bodied Merlot mixed with rich, sweet blackberries.  Wonderful with dark chocolate!

Crisp (Green Apple Riesling)
A great, refreshing wine that reminds you of biting into a crisp green apple. The
apple tartness is folowed by a delicious juicy finish. .

Wild (Wildberry Shiraz)
A light, refreshing, fruity blend of wildberries and a robust Shiraz.

Grin (Raspberry White Zinfandel)
Blush wine offering succulent, mouth-watering flavors of sweet, ripe rasberries blended gracefully with the refreshing character of a White Zinfandel.



First Frost (Riesling Ice Wine)
Sweet aromas & flavors of pear, honey and sugar drops combine for a real treat.

Winter Warmth (Cherry Chocolate Port)
Ruby red Port style wine blended with cherries and deep, rich cocoa.  It's like drinking a chocolate covered cherry...yum!

House Port (Bronze Medal at 2012 Finger Lakes
International Wine Competition)
An exquisite wine that truly defies description.  Robust, smooth, and full of flavor, this Port is well aged and blended with French barrel aged Brandy that produces a flavor experience that will leave you wanting more.

We import juice from all over the world and hand-craft the wine in small batches to provide the highest possible quality.  Our wines are available in the lounge by the sampler, glass or bottle, and can be taken to go by the bottle.  We even have 3 of our wines on tap! Visit the lounge to find seasonal and specialty wines that are released throughout the year.

Looking for a unique gift idea?  We can create a custom label for your wine that will truly set it apart.  Visit our custom label page for more info.